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Here is the link to the page for the First Working Draft for the 2005-08 J.O. Routines as proposed by the current AGCC committee. 2005-2008 JO Program

Here are some things to think about.

1) We went with levels for the new routines because there is a great deal of pressure from the top of the USAG to coordinate the men's & women's programs. It is tough to solicit funding from major sources if it is hard to explain how each program works on the road to the National Championships. This probably will not be the only area that will see changes.

2) Obviously, these routines are still in the beginning stages as far as deductions and skill requirements. Don't look at this as a final product, but the beginning state.

3) After Savannah, we will look at all of the comments that are emailed to the group. After careful consideration, we will come out with a Second Draft around the first of June. After another series of comments over the summer, we will come out with the third draft around the first of September. At that point, the routines will be VERY close to the final format because pictures and videos have to be made.

4) There are several big changes beyond the levels. One of the biggest change is the introduction of the Modified Compulsory routines we are calling Level 7. This would be what used to be called Class 4. Other big changes include the addition of bonus in the Level 4 (old Class 7). Level 9 (Class 3) is also fairly different. Developmental "D" have been eliminated. We might have some form of developmental skills.

5) Don't get too hung up on Vault. We know that we still have a lot of work to do there. I am sure that we will spend a great deal of time in Savannah on Vault.

We are listening. That is how we have arrived at this point. We will continue to listen to comments.

Gil Elsass, Chairman, AGCC Committee